KANO llc

has started its activities in Feb. 2002 by manufacturing steel doors and gates.

Now KANO holds mechanical factory containing 6 shops.

Former "Bazaar" - Structures installation

Field of activity

  • Structural design
  • Design of technical / technological lines
  • Manufacturing and Installation of vent lines
  • Manufacturing and Installation of steel
  • Structures and technical / technological lines
  • Manufacturing of mechanisms
  • Rising of Industrial and Production buildings

We have developed office buildings, covered areas for military bases, radar towers and many other infrastructural facilities.

Custom Service - Structures installation
City of Poti

Our factory is equiped with modern hardware:

  • CNC plasma sheet cutting/welding machine;
  • CNC sheet bending machine
  • CNC plazma pipe cutting/welding machine;
  • CNC bending machine;
  • CNC shearing machine;
  • TIG welding devices;
  • Pipes and sheet iron round stoop machine;
  • Turnery machine;
  • Drilling machine;
  • Abrasive machine;
  • ...and many other

Dome on "Uptown Tbilisi" rooftop

There are 150 persons busy in the factory. At the same time we have reserve fund in the case of necessity.
Also we have costructors dept., equiped by modern computer hardware printing devices etc.
We have ability and experience to work with English, German, Turkish and Russian documentation.
We have contacts with Georgian and foreign materials and other resources suppliers.

Custom Service - Exterior
City of Poti

Short list of works executed by our company:

  • Custom service and container terminal, Poti
  • Steel constructions in shopping mall, "Uptown-Tbilisi" project
  • Roofing construction, Kutaisi Central Stadium
  • Pedestrian bridge before Chamber of Control, Kutaisi
  • Sataplia View Point, Kutaisi region
  • Ministry of Justice building, Tbilisi
  • Pedestrian bridge, Vashlijvari, Tbilisi

Cableway station - Project
Rike Park, Tbilisi
  • 'Tbilisi Marriott', Tbilisi
  • 'Courtyard Marriott', Tbilisi
  • 'Redisson Blue' (former 'Iveria') hotel , Tbilisi
  • US embassy, Tbilisi
  • Business-center in Sololaki, 'Kartu-group', Tbilisi
  • Trade center 'Belux', Tbilisi
  • Business-center 'Pixel 34' in Vake, Tbilisi
  • Glass handrail in building on Kazbegi str.,(LTD AXIS), Tbilisi

Ministry of Justice - Public Service Hall
  • Rustaveli theatre reconstruction
  • Marjanishvili theatre reconstruction
  • Dumbadze theatre reconstruction
  • Tumanishvili theatre reconstruction
  • Kakhidze theatre reconstruction
  • Military bases in Kutaisi, Gori, Osiauri, Kopitnari
  • "Heidelberg" cement factory, Rustavi
  • Lecture hall of Tbilisi Freedom University
  • Raw petroleum heater, Georgian Oil and Gas Corporation
  • Project for petroleum recieving and distribution, LTD Priza
  • Bunkers with vibrodosimeters, LTD Priza
  • 100-tonnes cement silos, LTD Priza